• AJA MARINE SUPERYACHT PAINTING L.L.C is a company specialising in the coating and painting of luxury yachts ranging from 20 metre sailing yachts to 150 metre super yachts.
    AJA Marine has also completed full shot blasting and painting works on various projects including a large accommodation JACK UP RIG for Aqua Diving LLC , also blasting and painting over 1000 various sized pipe supports for Osmosflo who built a large desalination plant in Barka Oman , please look at the photos gallery to see the results of these projects .
    We have a full team for all kinds of blasting works and also industrial painting requirements.
    We deliver within the time frame and budget with:
    • Yacht Painting - new builds/repaints (exterior & interior)
    • industrial Painting - new builds/repaints (exterior & interior)
    • Anti-Fouling Application
    • Fiberglass- & Gel coat repairs
    • Vessel pre-work preparations
    • Providing & erecting scaffolding
    • Set up of Tent/Shrink wrap tent
    • Inspection of yacht surface for required repairs
    • Application of filler/undercoats/base primers
    • Sanding with traditional long boards and orbital machines
    • Application of all finishing final gloss paint coatings
    • Paint polishing
    • Interior cleaning & painting of tanks
    • Varnishing works